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10 tips to boost your metabolism and burn more fat

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The speed with which our metabolism works greatly influences our weight. With these tips, you will burn more fat!

Many people think that the speed at which our metabolism works is innate and cannot be changed , but this is totally wrong! Thanks to a few tricks, you can boost any metabolism , even the slowest ones!

10 tips to increase your metabolism

Get up on the right foot

For many, getting up early is above all synonymous with: coffee! But do you know that venturing outside and waking up in an active way is much more effective than a cup of coffee ( although we love it… ) ? A simple 10-minute walk or a few yoga exercises before you get ready for the day will give you the boost of energy and tone you need to face the day. For the more athletic, you can bet on a sports session on an empty stomach .

Get the right workout

Doing a lot of cardio and not seeing results ? Even though cardio sessions are excellent for improving endurance, they are not the ones you should bet on if you want to lose weight in the long term.  For best results, focus on cardio workouts AND strength training sessions . This is because muscles tend to consume more energy, so they will increase your metabolism. Not going fast enough for you? Opt for shorter, more intensive workouts like HIIT . You can also bet on these exercises that burn the most calories!


We repeat: the body needs fuel to function . We therefore recommend that you eat your breakfast within half an hour of waking up. Otherwise, your body risks producing cortisol, a hormone that tells your body to store fat … But what about fasting sport? This kind of session must remain short and exceptional (about half an hour and no more than twice a week). In this case, eat within half an hour of your session .

Bet on snacks

Instead of betting on overly large meals that put you to sleep , bet on 3 good dishes and 2 small snacks  (around 10 a.m. and 3-4 p.m.) to wake you up in the event of a downturn. You’ll feel more awake and your metabolism will be able to handle sugars more easily . Bet on healthy and nutrient-rich snacks (dried fruits, homemade granola, etc.). Need healthy snack recipes? Over here!

Avoid processed foods

Prepared meals, crisps, sweets: we consume a lot of processed foods that do nothing good for our metabolism . These calorie bombs provide poor quality fuel to our body. Consume fresh, home-prepared produce as much as possible, such as fruit, vegetables, fish and meat. Do not think that these healthy foods contain no calories  (discover here the list of  the most caloric fruits ). Be careful, some healthy foods are false friends and are much more caloric than you think.

Do not abuse carbohydrates

If there’s one type of food you should take it easy on, it’s carbs ! If eating pasta – in reasonable portions – is not particularly fattening , it is better not to abuse it. Ideally, replace white bread, pasta, and rice with their whole-grain equivalent . Wholemeal pasta or brown bread provide many more nutrients to your metabolism. They also maintain your sugar level and make you feel full faster.

Focus on these foods

Certain foods can speed up your metabolism. We think, for example, of green tea, ginger, cinnamon , aloe vera or foods rich in magnesium (hello, the square of dark chocolate).

Stay active (even at the office!)

We grant you: it is not easy to combine sport and daily work. But consider incorporating physical activity into the day: cycle to work, take a walk after your lunch break , go up and down stairs instead of taking the elevator… there are plenty of possibilities !

Eat spicy!

Out of inspiration for your evening meal? Know that spicy food is super effective in boosting your metabolism , up to 20%! Mustard, wasabi, peppers, turmeric … Put a little spice in your dishes and observe the result.

To bed!

It’s well known: when you have a bad night, you rush on sweet snacks… To be in good shape the next day and maintain good habits, there’s nothing like going to sleep at a decent hour.

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